About the Author

ffff6A few terrifying episodes of childhood sleep paralysis started Derek Murphy down the path of self-exploration, psychological investigation and research into world mythology and comparative literature.

After completing a dual major in Philosophy and Theology on the heavily Catholic island of Malta, Derek had a crisis of faith when he realized that his knowledge of Christian origins and the literary nature of the gospels had outgrown his Christian upbringing.

He began to travel the world, exploring diverse expressions of spirituality and researching religious mythology and cultural folklore, in an attempt to pierce the experiential and psychological heart of religiosity.

Living in Taiwan during his graduate studies in comparative literature, Derek became fascinated with the way that motifs from classical mythology and literature were recycled into the movies and books of pop culture (the mythology of our times).

He’s currently finishing his PhD Thesis on Milton’s Satan as a positive symbol for revolutionary progress, with plans to move to Romania to research a 3rd book on Jesus’ link to Vampire Romance novels.

Visit him at www.holyblasphemy.net or read an interview with the author.

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