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Historical savior or fictional character Who do YOU think Jesus was?

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We’ve decided to run one last contest to get some comments on The rules are simple and you don’t need to buy the book to participate. Just post a review on the amazon page before May 28th. Every comment is automatically entered. There are no restrictions for the comments – except that you please read the book (or the content on this site) before posting a review. You don’t need to leave a 5-star review if you didn’t like the book. A critical review is better than no review. The winner will be the comment that gets the most votes using amazon’s “Was this review helpful to you?” voting system. On May 28th, the winner will be the comment with the most “likes”

How to enter:

1) Get a copy of the book. You can buy one on, kindle, or download the free review copy by clicking here.

2) Post a review on before May 28th.

3) Post a comment on this page with your username. We need to have a way to find you if you win. If you use our comment system we should have enough information to get in touch with you, either by email or some form of social media. You could also just copy and paste your amazon comment.

That’s it! Of course we also need your support to get the word out. Please help us out by spreading the news.

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